Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Relaxing with a view this week!

Just the sound of the waves and a little quiet time with my family this evening.

Friday, July 25, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Friday | July 25, 2014

This morning was literally a grab-n-go outfit selection of sorts.  I wanted to wear my new clearance tee, but this skirt was jumping out to me as well.  Why not pair the two prints together?!  And it was a busy day in the office so neutral flats were the perfect addition!
outfit details:
striped skirt, target | cardigan, target | print tee, old navy | flats, walmart

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another week has past...

So something about me you may not know is the fact that I am horrible about keeping clothes in my bedroom picked up and put away.  HORRIBLE.  I will organize and keep the rest of my house picked up, but my bedroom...I can shut the door and pretend it is just as perfect, but trust me, it is not!

Monday evening I decided the pile {nearly resembled Mt. Everest} wasn't going anywhere and I was just going to stay up until everything was folded/hung up AND put away.  Around midnight I conquered this mountain of mine.  Why yes, it is worth documenting on the 'ole blog!
Nathan grew up participating in 4H at the county fair.  He was so excited to take Chase this year and show him all of the animals at the fair!  Chase is a bit reserved right now, but he still seemed to enjoy looking at all of the people and animals.  And of course, he had to sample a delicious milkshake from the dairy vendor :) oh yum!
 So ever since Nathan took the time {and money!} to put in our landscaping, Hunter has been "branding" all our boxwood bushes!  Wouldn't you know, that kills them!  Hunter has also decided that our landscaping beds prove to be the perfect little place to dig a hole and cozy up for an afternoon nap! : /  While I love my puppy dog, we just couldn't let him tear up all of the landscaping Nathan had worked so hard to put in.  

Nathan extended Hunter's invisible fence to now block him from entering the landscaping beds...which means he can't come up to the house now unless he comes through the garage {aka his dog house}.  We've put up flags where the invisible fence has been installed so that he can learn his new parameter.  He won't even walk in the front yard right now...it makes me so sad that he's scared about the change.  I know he'll learn though...he does so good with the invisible fence that outlines the exterior of our yard. 
I visited a local produce farm to pick up some peaches...my oh my are they yummy!  We had some on Sunday with homemade pound cake and ice cream {compliments of my Pastor's wife}. 
Chase & I both just LOVE green beans so Nathan spoiled us by planting plenty of green beans in the garden this year.  He picked 6 gallons last night off of one row alone {we have 2 more - yikes!}.  We had fresh green beans for dinner last night and plan on canning the rest of them this evening.
Chase has found a new toy!  He's played some with our broom and thinks our small dust pan is pretty fun too, but this past week this has become his most favorite toy in all of his 1 year of life!  Hello - why do I even buy him trucks, trains or balls. 

He was banging into everything with the long handled broom so Nathan cut the handle off one of our other ones so Chase would have a broom just his size.  He was so excited about this and just sobbed when we took it from him so he could go to bed for the night!  Sometimes he will even hold it while we carry him around...it's like he has another limb :)
So that's the randomness of my week so far.  I love that Chase keeps us busy & laughing - he helps me enjoy life at this crazy stage!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Friday | July 18, 2014

I loved this shirt so much I ended up wearing it twice this week!  Do not fear, I did wear it to different places so at least the same people did not have to witness me re-wearing an item in the same week! :)  Because oh the horrors of such a thing?!

Honestly, this top is so thin and comfortable!  It is just the perfect summer top so be prepared to see it remixed again and again this summer!

outfit details:
top, gap via thrift | maxi, rue 21 | sandals, target | watch, walmart | coach handbag, thrift

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Thursday | July 17, 2014

outfit details:
navy tee, h&m | skirt, marshalls | denim wedges, old navy
 My friend found this skirt for me a few years back and I have only worn it twice now!  Why?! :)
Well, one thing is it has a tiny waist and I had a baby during that time.  I love the vintage feel this skirt has and wanted to make sure it was seen this summer!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Wednesday | July 16, 2014

I have been on a mission to make myself pull items out of my closet and either wear them or get rid of them!  I just simply have too much - yes, I did admit that! :)

I'm not sure I'm sold on the midi skirts...they just cut your legs off in an odd place {to me} but I do like the pleated details on this one.
  outfit details:
black top, old navy | midi skirt, f21 | black heels, thrift {brand new find!}