Monday, January 16, 2017

He Said What? v2

"Hey guys!  I think I should sleep in Momma's bed tonight so we can all be together as a family!" - he knows how to pull on my heartstrings!

Chase has worn big boy underwear since January 6.  Only a few day-time accidents.  He's been dry at night since January 12.

On the 13th, he decided he needed to get dressed all by himself, because "I'M A BIG BOY NOW!"  He also learned to ride his bike (with training wheels) on the 13th.  I told him Momma needed him to slow down on this "growing up" thing!

He told us he wants to go to school now.
He does not want us to have anymore babies.  I asked why and he said, we already have one and points to Zoey!  He's sticking to this logic so apparently one sibling getting into his toys is all he can handle :)

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