Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Zoey @ 13 Months

This is completely random, but Zoey's 13 month update none the less!

Zoey started walking on 11-3-16.  She is still very temperamental about it, but she CAN do it, when he feels like it.  She knows it is faster to crawl, so that is still how she gets around for the most part.

She is at a fun stage.  She likes to make us laugh, can be loving, loves to eat, but she is still cuddly and baby-like when she's tired. She learned to wink last week.  That pretty much means she blinks very quick-like or flutters her eyes.  It's hilarious!

When Chase hears her crying of an evening, he'll tell me she needs a bottle. If she gets in his toys when he's really into playing something specific, he'll tell me she wants Momma just so I'll come and get her.

Names Chase calls Zoey:
  • baby girl
  • baby sugars
  • stinker butt
  • Zoey Claire (almost sounds like Zoey Clara)
Zoey got a play kitchen for her birthday and loves making a mess with all of the dishes. I've noticed she loves playing with things in a container - where she can take items out and put items in over and over again. She enjoys the kitchen cabinets and loves when I allow her to help loading the dishwasher.

She loves putting clothes in the dryer.  LOVES taking baths.  She is Chase's shadow and is pretty obsessed with Daddy these days as well.

Zoey goes to Grandma Herring's Sunday School class on Sunday evenings. She thinks she is one of the big kids coloring, singing and snacking!

She is in 18 mo or 18-24 mo clothes
size 4 shoes
size 6 diapers

She picks the marshmallows out of cereal and throws the rest on the floor.  She is messy and strong-willed.  She tries to fake cough, loves playing hide-n-seek with Chase & Daddy, and sleeps SO well through the night.  She still takes 1-2 naps during the day.

She is a talker and is trying to say so many words:
  • Dadda
  • Momma
  • Papaw
  • Mamaw
  • Chase
  • dog-dog
  • nana (bananna)
  • truck
  • shoes
  • sit

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