Saturday, February 27, 2016

Christmas Catch-up (for real)

...journaling our memories before I completely forget everything!
 After an enjoyable (but chaotic) week of celebrations, we were able to stay home on Christmas morning and open presents with just the kiddos.  Chase was so exhausted with the change in his schedule and the chaos of walking in the door and dropping off new toys he'd opened, yet not getting to play with them!  Once we talked him into opening presents and showed him what he could play with, he was excited again!  He's still at the "easy to please" stage when it comes to presents.  It was so fun for Nathan & I to pick things out for him!
Christmas Sunday outfits...had to catch them both on the go as still shots aren't something I get much of anymore! :) 
 We had a scare with Hunter the week after Christmas.  We noticed he wasn't acting right, but we hadn't been home much to know if he was just pouting or what.  By Wednesday he wasn't eating and wouldn't get up off his bed.  It was breaking my heart.  We coaxed him inside and he just wanted Nathan to love on him.  

We called the vet and they had us bring him in the next morning.  They had to put him under and do a scan because his abdomen seemed tender, but thankfully it ended up just being an infection that they treated with antibiotics.  Within a few days his swollen eyes were looking better and he wasn't quite so pathetic. He really knows how to work us...but $500 later, he was bouncing around the yard again! 
  We had Zoey's baby dedication on Sunday, December 27th.  Both of my brothers were home for Christmas so it worked out perfect!  After a busy week of Christmas celebrations, we were all exhausted!

We were so thankful to have Nathan's Dad pray over Zoey, my Dad offer up the Courageous pledge with Nathan and then our Pastor give us direction as parents.  It's such an important step when I think about raising my children to serve God.

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