Monday, November 7, 2016

He said what? v1

In reference to my wet, messy hair, Chase says -
"Momma!  Your hair is interesting!  You should comb it!"

I pick up the kids after work and exlaimed, "Momma sure missed her babies today!
Chase says, "Why you call me a baby?"
I told him I just wasn't thinking, to which he replied,
"Well... that's like... rude!"

It is now dark of an evening when I pick up Chase & Zoey after work.
On the way home, Chase said, "Can you turn the sun on?"

Nathan asked Chase how his day was when he got him out of the car.
Without a second thought, Chase responded back,
"your day ok, Daddy?"

Chase likes the song, God is on the Move by 7eventh Time Down.
While riding in the car he asked, "Can you turn on On the Know, On the Know?"
which is what he sings instead of "On the Move, On the Move".

I was clipping Chase's nails while he was watching cartoons.  There was a fun song on that he was trying to dance to by moving his hands and feet all around.  I reminder him he had to hold still and couldn't dance while I clipped his nails.  He finally responded that his FEET were SINGING!

I ask Chase if he's my buddy, he says "yeah!"
Nathan will then ask him, "Well are you my buddy too?"
Chase will look at me kind of hesitant and then say,
"I both of your buddy...we a family!"
He is all about being together as a FAMILY right now!

Chase kept asking me what was on my forehead.  I had just been helping the kids with supper and assumed I had somehow managed to get food on my face.  After his persistence I finally realized he was referring to the wrinkles or stress lines on my forehead! :(  I very sadly explained those were caused by him! lol  Now while I really didn't tell him that, I do believe I told him they were stress lines and we could just drop it now!  #mommaneedsbotox

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