Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zoey's Nursery

When I first finished Zoey's nursery, I knew it was done, but I just didn't feel in love with it.  We had everything from Chase so I wasn't about to put out a lot of money for a complete overhaul, but I guess I just didn't have a picture in my head of what the outcome was supposed to be.
With us getting a king size bed this summer, we moved our bed into this room.  I figured the functionality of having an extra bed and especially in the nursery might prove helpful down the road.
 I was given my Grandmother's 'hope chest' after she passed and it now resides in Zoey's room.  Seems like the perfect spot!

I also have in here the beloved map I had framed for Chase's nursery :)  I still love it just as much!

Now that Zoey is here it does feel like the perfect place for her.  I would like to add a rocking chair where her swing is now if I can find the right fit.

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