Monday, October 26, 2015

Zoey's Birth Story

<<< Zoey's Birth Story >>>

I had my 39 week (& 3 days) doctor appointment on Wednesday, 10/7.  I still wasn't having steady contractions, but had lost my mucus plug almost a week prior and was dilated a full 3 at my appointment.  The doctor said I had been in labor all week but things were just progressing slowly.  He said he didn't think I would go any further without actually being in active labor. Seeing how miserable I was, he chose to induce me the next morning. 
 We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM.  Because the induction wasn't pre-planned, we rushed around all evening getting errands done and rearranging work schedules to make sure everything was covered.  I didn't figure I would sleep a wink, but ended up sleeping like a rock.  Nathan said I was snoring and my throat was making popping sounds so in order to get any sleep, he got up and went to the guest bed :)
Chase ended up spending the night at his Grandma Randall's house so we didn't have to drag him out of bed so early. When we got to the hospital, they asked us if there was a full moon because they were already so busy with women in active labor.  Because of that, we sat in the delivery room for over 2 hours before they broke my water or started the pitocin.  Mom arrived and was able to give us some additional support & comic relief.  

Once they broke my water and started pumping that pitocin in me, things progressed quickly.  Our pastor came to pray with us and after prayer I was having hard contractions.  Mid sentence he said you're hurting - I'm outta here! lol

I got my epidural and felt ok for a little while, but it didn't seem to hold or take like the one I had with Chase.  The intense pressure turned into pain and they came in to give me more.  That only lasted a short amount of time as well and I ended up in tears with each hard contraction.  Finally close to 12:45 the nurse checked me and said the baby was in position.  When the doctor came in, I was crying and told him I needed more epidural.  He asked me if I trusted him and asked if we could just go ahead and push because she was ready to come out.  Zoey was born @ 1:19 pm after nearly 15 minutes of pushing.  Once again, Mom & Nathan were the perfect support for me!
Zoey Claire born on 10/8/15
7 pounds & 10 ounces
20 inches long
w/ tons of dark hair 
 I had a bit of anxiety shortly before her birth and then right after.  I couldn't stop shaking and turned white and just felt like I was going to vomit.  Thankfully it was short lived.  

Zoey was so good natured immedately - we had time in the delivery room to cuddle & nurse and she seemed like a natural from the beginning.
 Chase kind of ignored her the 1st time he saw her but by that evening, he was asking to hold her and giving her kisses.  He's been so good with her ever since.  He's always worried about why she's crying and wants to make sure we don't forget to take her with us wherever we go!

Everyone commented on her beautiful hair.  It looked/looks like it has frosted tips.  It is so pretty and just stands straight up in places :) 
 Although my pregnancy and labor were not as easy this time around, recovery has been a complete breeze compared to my experience with Chase.  I am so thankful!  She was born quickly, I didn't tear as much, didn't have to be sent home with any narcotics - it's just been good.  I feel like since I knew what to expect a little more this time, I even feel better emotionally.  Less overwhelmed and able to relax a bit.

One funny thing (now it's funny) that happened while we were at the hospital.  We had great nursing staff, but the 2nd night Zoey's tummy seemed to be upset and she had been nursing forever and just crying uncontrollably.  I finally wanted the nurse to come in because Zoey was just so upset and I didn't know what to do with her.  Our nurse was busy so another came in when we had just put Zoey in her bassinet to check her diaper.  I explained what was going on and the first thing she said was, "Do you not want to hold your baby?  Maybe she just doesn't like her bassinet!"  I was almost in tears already and her dumb question didn't make me feel any better!  Zoey wouldn't know if she didn't like her bassinet 'cause she hadn't been in it since birth.  All we'd done is hold her!  I'm sure they deal with all kinds of people but trust me, we were giving her plenty of attention - that wasn't the issue!

We were able to rest quite a bit on Saturday before we were released from the hospital and that was so nice.  Zoey hated being put in her seat but then ended up sleeping all the way home! 
We are so thankful for our healthy baby girl, for a great doctor, for how well I'm feeling and just an overall wonderful experience.  We are home and adjusting to life as a family of blessed!

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