Thursday, October 15, 2015

A little curb appeal...

...and a little inside appeal as well!
Part of my nesting has been to clean out things @ home and organize!!!
My Mom came over a couple weeks ago to help me clean and while she cleaned, I organized & got out my Fall decor.  I love doing stuff like this!
< my junk drawer in the kitchen > 
I don't decorate heavily for any given holiday so I enjoy the subtle touches I have here and there for Fall. 
I've been teasing my husband because while I was "nesting", he's been busying himself with outside projects we've put off since purchasing this out back in 2010.  Do guys "nest" too???

At that time, we got a super cheap front door and with settling and such, it just hasn't held up.  I've really wanted a door like this and I'm so glad we held out and were able to get it.  I love the light it lets in on the inside and I think it dresses up the outside as well.

Next, he finally installed a door bell & garage door opener for me.  Little things, but I've been so thankful to have them working finally! 
In our efforts to dress up the outside of the house, we went to order shutters and realized our windows were not standard size and that would require a custom order.  Well, of course!  So, we found a design we liked and Nathan built them himself and saved us a substantial amount of  money. 
When we purchased the home back in 2010, it had these flimsy columns (2 or 3 maybe) across the front.  They looked pathetic and weren't attached securely anyhow, so we ripped them out.  
...that was 5 years ago
Nathan ended up building new columns and staining them to match the shutters.  I can't believe how much these items have changed the outside of the house.  
Chase keeps saying, "new house?"  lol
I feel that way too, buddy!  I'm so thankful for a husband that knows how to do projects like this and doesn't mind doing things around the house to make me happy.

Secretly, I think with football & hunting season coming up, he's just trying to build up brownie points! :)

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Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

That front door. That's everything!