Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 38+ Weeks

38+ Weeks Pregnant
Baby Girl should be measuring 6+ pounds and 19+ inches long.  
Baby Center tells me she is ready for life outside the let's get this going! :) 
38 Week Progress: I am having a lot of pressure & cramping.
Dilated to 2 & she has dropped into position.
How I Feel: Chase gave me his cold so I have a sore throat and congested head on top of that.
I have had several instances where I thought we would be heading to the hospital shortly
...and then nothing.
The blood/super moon didn't even jump start anything! :)
I still crave ice all of the time.
I can't eat much at a time because there isn't room.
I'm emotional and low on patience.
Weight Gain:  I have gained 29 pounds so far.
What's Going On These Last Two Weeks:  I'm working more days @ home than in the office.  Trying to keep things done @ home so I'm ready for this event any given day...

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