Sunday, September 20, 2015

Holiday World // Santa Claus, Indiana

Recently we took a Monday off work and headed down to Santa Claus, Indiana to enjoy a day at Holiday World with our friends.  We stayed the night at Santa's lodge... which is just kind of weird to experience in the hot summer.
When Chase saw Santa Claus he exclaimed, "Superman!" 
That boy is so confused :)
Keeping up with Chase at a water park didn't leave a lot of time for picture taking.  It was very hot so we only took advantage of this part of the park.  It took Chase awhile to go into the water on his own, but once he did, I could hardly keep up with him!

A couple of times he would try to walk up the water slides and the lifeguards would blow their whistles at him :)  I would have to jump on the slide and scoop him up so he wasn't blocking the slide for other kids.  I'm SURE that was a site to see! :)  The highlight of my day was floating along the lazy river... I think the reason is obvious at this point! lol

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