Tuesday, September 1, 2015

14 Years of Anniversary Celebrations

Happy Anniversary to my guy!  
14 years isn't possible is it?  
Aren't we both too young to have actually been married that long?
Nathan asked me to be his girlfriend back in 1996 - I was just 14 and he was 17.  
We've been together ever since!
It's isn't a perfect story and times haven't always been easy, but...
it's our story and we've made it work, grown up together and stayed happy through the years!

The longer I'm around Nathan the more I realize how thankful I am for him.  
He's a hard worker, he's smart and he thinks through things thoroughly!
I feel like he can fix anything - from food to electronics to car repairs to house repairs!
He's such a good daddy and the perfect fit for me in a husband/partner.
He's balanced and disciplined where I'm not and he's the tough guy I need by my side.
Our personalities have started to reflect each other's now that we've been together this long.  
He's starting to be more sensitive and caring and I'm starting to be more blunt and strong willed.  
I've always been picky about certain things in our house being organized and the older Nathan gets, the more picky he is about these things - where I'm starting to relax a bit :)
He's my right hand in keeping everything afloat in our lives.
He's a business owner and someone I'm just generally proud to be associated with.
His convictions and God are important to him.
He loves his country and talking politics with anyone that will listen.
He's passionate about Ohio State football and hunting.
Nathan can aggravate me better than anyone I know - to the point of tears!
He supports me in my job and is the first one in my corner when I'm questioning myself.
He loves to make me laugh... and I think he's corny.

I'm so glad to be celebrating another year married to Nathan!

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