Saturday, September 5, 2015

August was MY month to celebrate!

...back to my birthday month, my friends & family made me feel so special over my birthday!  
From having stuff delivered to my office (which I love) to taking me out for meals - I was spoiled!
My birthday was on Friday this year and I always take the day off, so it worked out perfectly...
unnnnttttiiiillll, I was scheduled to attend a conference for work that lasted until 5:45 PM 
on a Friday night! my birthday! :)

Chase stayed home with Nathan on Saturday so I could meet some friends for brunch.  I took advantage of the "alone" time to get my hair done & run errands.  Even grocery shop...I obviously party hard! lol 
Nathan took advantage of his day at home to get out the smoker.  THAT I can't be mad about!  It was about 10:00 that night before the pulled pork was ready for me to taste test, but I enjoyed sitting at the kitchen island while Nathan got it all ready to eat the next day.  Yum!!!
It was the perfect way to start off another year!

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