Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chase Update: 27 Months

27 Months!
This boy!  He has my heart.
He knows how to make me laugh
...and he knows how to push my nerves to the limit!
 We're working on him obeying - the first time he's told.
He's a pretty scheduled toddler, by his own doing.
He's reserved with unknown things/people.
He's funny...and he knows it! 
He has Mommy & Daddy wrapped around his fingers!  
He's started having (what seems to be) bad dreams and has ended up in our bed quite a bit lately.  
... we kind of enjoy it though! :)  He's the best cuddle-bug!
Chase has been enjoying sweet tea and pepsi this summer.
His Papa spoils him and lets him have little drinks here and there!
He has gone to the fridge and said, "I neeeeeed a Pepsi!" on more than one occasion.
Chase isn't a big breakfast eater, but will normally eat pretty good for lunch and/or dinner.
The doctor said according to his height he is actually underweight.
He loves cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, peas, cottage cheese, corn on the cob
and other healthier foods so it's no wonder. 
He is getting a few cups of chocolate milk here and there to help fatten him up! :)
Chase has a big vocabulary.  
He talks in sentences and mimics so much of what we say and do.
He wants to be involved in everything we do...
Chase potty too
Chase bye-bye too
Chase always wants to know where we are going when we get in the car.
He will go down the list of family & friends to see if we are heading to their houses.
He is a very stubborn and independent little guy.  
I'm glad in some ways and want to direct it, but...
other times it makes discipline or teaching experiences with him a lot harder to handle.
I put off potty training over the summer since we had so many activities scheduled.
He is acting somewhat interested so I need to get on that again.
Two in diapers for very long isn't sounding appealing :)
Chase is in 2T clothes...getting taller by the day.
I've had fun dressing him and he seems to enjoy when he knows he has something new on.
He always wants to run and show his Daddy.
He lights up around his Daddy - always!  I love to see the way they interact with one another.
Chase is starting to say the baby's name more frequently and he'll sometimes hug my tummy.
He says he is going to be a good big brother
... but he also said he doesn't want her to come home and live at our house! :)
I love life with this little guy.  
Having him & his Dad love me is what makes my world go 'round!

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