Monday, August 10, 2015

4th of July... a belated update

Oh goodness!  Going through photos and seeing how busy we've been this summer is wearing me out just thinking about it.  It's been such a good busy that it's hard to complain though!  Fun with friends is what we had for the 4th of July.

Chase was up way past bedtime and a little apprehensive about the loud noises, but at least he didn't cry and was able to enjoy the pretty lights.

We've been friends with Jimmy & Carla since our high school days.  It's such a blessing to have a history with friendships that makes your friends feel more like family!  We're having fun raising our families and experiencing life together.  They're keepers and the older I get the more I'm thankful for friends like them!

The Salisbury's let us crash their cookout (on their new back patio!) and then we all went to a new place for fireworks.  We were able to pull our cars right into perfect spots about 15 minutes before the fireworks started and then get out of the parking lot within 5 minutes of them ending!  Success! lol (for us not so patient ones!)

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