Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

30 Weeks
Baby Size: Approx 15.7 inches long and weighing in around 3 pounds

  • Have gained 22 pounds so far
  • Starting to have trouble sleeping - body is sore a lot
  • Baby girl moves around a lot!
  • After a busy day I have quite a bit of cramping and pressure and have to relax/lie down in order to get relief
  • Still wear some regular clothes and some maternity clothes - at the awkward "I just look big in everything" stage
  • I crave crushed ice and normally have a cup every morning and every evening.  I assume it has something to do with the very hot/humid weather we are having
  • Have started working on baby girl's nursery.  Using some of the same stuff I had for Chase and bringing out coral in her accent pieces
  • Have enjoyed finding cute little outfits for her... have her dresser and closet all organized by size
  • My belly button officially sticks out
  • Chase now pats my boobs & belly and says "baby"... bless him :)
This whole pregnancy has been different.  I have felt different physically and it seems to be effecting me differently emotionally.  On the physical part, I started showing very early so have pretty much felt huge the whole time I've been pregnant.  I had a lot more sickness (only feeling nauseated) this time so it felt more wearing on my body.  At this stage I already feel like I did towards the very end with my first pregnancy.  The doctor has assured me it is all very normal with a second pregnancy.  

With having additional responsibilities at home with a toddler, relaxing of an evening hasn't been nearly as convenient as it was when I was pregnant with Chase either.  I'm also pregnant during a different season of the year, so just the difference in temperatures while growing my own little human has been something new to face.  

While everything has gone well and we have not had any scares this time around, I've found myself wishing away the weeks until she is born... and then of course, I feel guilty about that.  I'm trying to savor the movement I feel inside of me during these last few weeks and the protective feeling I have for this unborn baby already.  I don't want to wish away time when this could end up being my last time to experience it all.

Emotionally I'm torn between loving every stage Chase has gone through so far and enjoying him so much that I have not put near as much thought into our new baby.  Chase was our first and after waiting 12 years to have a baby, every single thing we experienced with his pregnancy and birth was the most exciting thing ever!  I'm sure it's normal - after all, we have more responsibilities now and having a 2 year old sure does tie up a lot of energy.  I also have those feelings of guilt that I will have patience with both of them and still be able to show them love equally.  I want Chase to know he is still my little buddy and don't want to go insane spreading my energy between a newborn, 2 year old, husband, household responsibilities and work responsibilities.  I worry that I will not be enough, but just like I adjusted to being a Mom the first time around, I figure I will make it one way or another.  

I'm so blessed with a hands-on husband that is so good with Chase and I know our little girl will have him wrapped around her little fingers as well.  We are additionally blessed with family close by that enable me to go back to work all the while keeping my babies out of daycare.  The security and financial blessing from that is so wonderful.  My employer has (so far) been able to allow me to work from home nearly every Friday - giving me a little extra time to focus on my family and a designated day to schedule all of those appointments that come with pregnancy/children/home maintenance, etc.

At my last doctor's appointment, he was looking back through the records of my last pregnancy and noting things that I was experiencing last time around 30 weeks.  It was the only appointment that I was stressed, crying and just overall emotional with everything I was feeling in that very moment.  Interesting that I'm there - right now - at this exact stage in my pregnancy again!  The good part about that is knowing the exciting things to come!  8 weeks off work... 8 weeks off work... 8 weeks off work... 8 weeks off work :)  You get the point!  Adding another baby to our family should just be the icing on the cake! :)

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