Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Work Trips: May

May was a busy month!  I had two work trips, assignments @ work and family vacation planned all within one month!

At the beginning of the month I headed to New Orleans for a client conference.  We had to present on the last morning there and it was a success - so another new experience for me!
I had not been to New Orleans before, so we took some time to see the sites - and smells :)
It was a busy but good time, but I learned flying while pregnant wasn't so much fun for me :(

The 2nd trip was a client conference to Chicago.  We always enjoy the Fashion Mall behind our hotel & eating yummy food while we are there!
This was one conference where I didn't have to be in "work wear" so I was happy about that.

Unless I have quick day trips throughout the summer, I think that is the last of my work travels for the year.  Maternity leave is getting closer!!!! :)

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