Monday, June 15, 2015

Chase Is Two!

We celebrated Chase's 2nd Birthday while we were on vacation in Gatlinburg.  His Daddy took him swimming and got him a fishing pole for his birthday.  We had cupcakes with friends and Chase thought it was a best thing ever!

He found his cupcakes and was standing on the chair licking the icing off of one.  When he knocked the cupcakes off the table, he ran over to Nathan and exclaimed, "I lick it!!" lol
  • He is at such a fun stage!  He seriously has us laughing every day and keeps us on our toes to keep up with him.
  • He talks all of the time.  He remembers names pretty well and talks about our friends and family often.  
  • He loves music, singing and dancing.  
  • He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse...he knows all of the names on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and probably has a lot of the episodes memorized.
  • He is learning to play basketball and is doing quite well getting those baskets.  
  • His knees are constantly skinned up because "slow down" isn't something he understands yet and he is busy-busy-busy!  
  • He still loves cuddles with his Daddy each evening as he is winding down and likes his Mommy to lay down with him while he goes to sleep.  He says, "Momma - hold you!"
  • Every morning he comes to our bedroom once he wakes up and wants to cuddle with us or lay in our bed while we are getting ready for the day.  
  • He is VERY attached to his blanket.  He calls it his Key-key (from when we referred to it as his blankie)
  • He is obsessed with both of his Papas!  Mommy & Daddy are old news when his Grandparents are around!
  • Chase is reserved with new things/experiences but can be hyper & outgoing when he is in his element.
  • He loves animals and playing with his tractors and wants to go to Daddy's barn and ride the tractor all of the time!
  • He likes his puppy dog and bosses him around pretty well.  
  • Chase is memorizing his meal-time prayer and will randomly now fold his hands and say "God is good!"  Yes He is, Chase!
(disclaimer: Nathan is fully clothed and NOT going to the bathroom in this picture!)
He was giving Chase a bath when Chase needed to quickly get out of the tub for a bathroom break.  Chase copying his Daddy just cracked me up!

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