Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chase is 21 Months!

21 Months
We are having so much fun with Chase at this stage.  He is such a big boy and so easy to interact with.  He has a mind of his own and an ornery little personality to go along with it! :)

  • He is a busy boy!  Enjoys his toys and helping out with chores around the house.
  • He has a new obsession with Mickey Mouse and loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  That's about the only cartoon he even pays attention to.
  • He got a little table & chairs for Christmas and that has become his go to place for eating his snacks & meals.  No more highchair!
  • He is still a good sleeper {thank goodness!} and sometimes will just lay in there and sing & talk for awhile after he wakes up in the mornings.
  • Chase loves music and loves to sing.  He has started raising his hand {praising God} when we sing in church.  It is the sweetest thing since he is so innocently copying others around him!
  • Chase is saying SO many words now.  He's starting to put words together and really learn how to communicate.
  • He loves going to his Mama's house throughout the week.  My Mom still has him Mon-Weds and my Mother-in-Law's has him on Thurs.  He gets plenty of spoilin'
  • I thoroughly enjoy my Friday at home with Chase!  Not only is it my day to get things done, I enjoy the extra time with my little buddy.
  • Chase has really taken to Hunter {our dog} and Hunter has finally calmed down around him.  Chase will pet and hug him now...I can just see them playing together in the yard this summer! It's going to be so nice to get out and have some fresh air!
  • Chase is doing good at feeding himself.  He loves tomatoes, cottage cheese, broccoli and yogurt.  Sometimes he can be a good eater and other times I struggle to get him to eat much.  
  • He loves to put his hands together when we pray and then he'll yell AMEN when we are finished!
  • Chase loves to play ball.  If one ball was his only toy, I swear he would be totally satisfied!  He will point to the floor and tell you to "sit" so you can throw the ball with him.
  • Chase has now had his 3rd haircut.  We gave him his last one at home and it was kind of scary - well, Chase was terrified and we were just trying to get it done and make sure he didn't look awful.  It's getting us by until I have to have a stranger {Cookie Cutters} try again.
  • Chase is in size 5 diapers.  We just bought a potty chair and some Mickey Mouse underwear to start the potty training process...eeks!
  • Chase wears some 24 months shirts and 18 months pants.  He is in size 5 shoes.  It's so fun to buy clothes for him at this stage :)
  • Chase is still VERY afraid of strangers.  It is pretty neat though to see him recognize our friends, family and church people and he is learning to say their names.
  • We just went to his first little party {Valentine's}.  He thought he was so big running around playing with all of the other kids!
 Pretty much as long as he's with his Dada...he's perfectly happy.  Momma's pretty good to snuggle with at nap or night time, but Dada's #1 any other time!
...and I couldn't be happier that he admires his Dada so much!

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