Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Florida Getaway

Towards the end of January, I had a 3 day work trip to Florida.  Leaving the Indiana winter to spend a few days in Florida was welcomed...whew, we've gotten little reprieve from the freezing cold lately!
 The hotel was gorgeous and had such beautiful grounds to explore.  It only ended up being in the 60s while were there, but compared to the 19* it was at home, I'd take it any day! :) 
The best part of my trip was that my Momma was able to tag along with me!  My Aunt only lives 30 minutes from where we would be staying so she came over and we had meals, shopping  & a slumber party in my room!  Never too old for that, right?!
 Now if we can just get out of the single digits at home...brrrrrrr :/

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