Sunday, February 22, 2015

Freshen Things Up!

When February hit, it was like I had Spring fever and needed to do updates around my house ASAP.  Do you ever feel like you have to have change RIGHT NOW? :)

Nathan helped me create a practical entry area since we don't have a coat closet <

I had a console table here previously so it was moved to the back wall of my kitchen.  I had a desk here previously so this small table really helps this space feel bigger. (and less cluttered!) >

My desk was moved into the laundry room.  The photo isn't beautiful or maybe even staged well, but this is my space for my little office stuff and I'm enjoying it already! <

In the middle of all of this, I sold the buffet I was using in our dining room to a friend.  I didn't have anything to replace it with yet so it's contents cluttered our kitchen table for several weeks until I found something else.  I am so happy I ended up going with something light (in color) and smaller than my previous buffet.

I don't feel like I have very many ways to rearrange my living room, but I NEEDED a change in here!  I normally don't want it to feel closed off from the dining room or kitchen, but I just went for it and I'm enjoying the cozy feel so far.  See my little photo bomber on the couch?!  I interrupted him watching Mickey Mouse! :)
Whew...after all that I was exhausted, but now we get to sit back and enjoy all the little inexpensive updates we were able to do just by changing things up!


Jennifer Grissom said...

Looks good. I'm ready to change things up, too.

Jessica said...

Looks great! I love when you can make easy and cheap changes to freshen things up!