Thursday, January 8, 2015

Where did December go??

I think December got skipped or something because a whole month has passed and I don't feel like I remember it happening!

Work was pretty busy during the month of December and I knew I had time off coming up so it felt like I just couldn't get things done quick enough.  I was out of the office for a week and a half at the end of the month and it was wonderful!
We started out our Christmas festivities by participating in a Live Nativity at our church.  We worked in the toddler Jesus scene.  Chase was the perfect age for this and did great.  He was a bit nervous about his first acting gig here :)
Next, my husband's business partner (and our friends) celebrated by going to dinner together.  We had a gift certificate to Ruth Chris and it proved to be a lovely evening with our friends!
 I think by now Chase was getting wore out with our hectic schedule.  He was either fighting off a cold or teething, but went through a couple of days of just wanting to cuddle in Momma's bed.  I really enjoy the cuddles and he's growing up so quick that I don't really mind these times one bit!
 Our 1st family Christmas was with Nathan's family.  Chase got all kinds of goodies! (including this drum set) He had so much fun playing with his big cousins while we were at Grandma Randall's.
 Christmas at Mama Herring's was fun and by now, Chase understood what this present thing was all about!
For the first year (in forever) we were able to have a relaxing day at home on Christmas day.  We all slept in, opened presents and just relaxed all day.  It was perfect! 
 At end of the month, we took a quick trip out to Kansas to visit our new niece, Maisy.  She is so tiny and perfect...we enjoyed every second we were able to love on her!  Since it is a 10 hour drive, we decided to drive through the night so Chase would (hopefully) sleep most of the trip.  And it worked like a charm.  He did so well!
 Once we got home, we were all worn out so we decided to enjoy a few low-key days @ home to help us all get feeling better.  Lots of sleep & football were enjoyed during those days :)

...and that's a wrap!  Somehow we did Christmas shopping, baking, work, parties, wrapping, decorating and living during this time as well.

The New Year clean out is what I'm concentrating on now :)

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