Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chase - 1 Month

I can't believe you are 1 month old already!  This past month has flown by and we have survived, baby! :)

We are still learning one another and are loving this journey of parenthood.  I am already eating my words on several things I didn't think I would do when I had children, but it has been all about survival from day-to-day.

You are starting to smile on purpose and coo when we talk to you.  You want to be held all of the time and enjoy being cuddled.  You are wearing size 1 diapers and are now mostly in 0-3 months clothes.  You do still have a few newborn things that fit you.

You are warm natured like your Daddy, which is still so hard for me to get use to since I am ALWAYS cold.  You sleep in our bed (mostly) and sometimes even in my arms.  I didn't think I would allow this, I am, eating my words!  You have started fighting sleep over the past week.  It breaks my heart!

At your 1 month doctor's appointment, you were 9 1/2 pounds (45% percentile) and 22 1/4 inches long (75% percentile).  The doctor was impressed with how you were growing.  He mentioned you were an active little guy as you were kicking and squirming the whole time you were laying on the exam table!  You had to get a shot at this appointment, but you handled it like a champ...only cried for just a minute.

I am still amazed that I have the privilege of being your Mommy.  This all feels new, yet I can't imagine you not being apart of our family already!  We love you, baby Chase!

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