Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grandparents Are Special!

My grandfather turned 80 this past January.  It's such a blessing to still have living grandparents and appreciate their influence on my life.  He was able to visit this past week and meet Chase for the first time! 

mom, me, chase, grandpa ricker


Anonymous said...

You don't know me from adam and I don't know you but find your blog interesting anyway. This post has me curious now. Is your grandpa Jim Ricker? And your mom possibly Jody?

Leah said...

Yes, my Grandfather is Jim Ricker and my Mom is Jody! :) How do you know them?

Anonymous said...

Cool! it's always great when the "pieces" fall together.
I don't really know your grandpa or mom real well but I (or maybe you could say I did) know your grandma Eloise's family fairly well. She had a lot of siblings. ;)