Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress: 22 June 2010

This is more for my record than interest to anyone else.  You can't see a lot of change in these pictures, but from being over there, I know a lot has happened.  Nathan had some friends out at the house yesterday and they got a lot done!  I was so happy when I walked in and could see the change from the night before. 

First of all, we finally got a dumpster so the clean up is moving along instead of piling up inside the house and outside the back door! =)

Nathan was able to get the rest of the brick and wood burner removed as well.  Thankfully, the wood floor underneath all of the brick is still in nice condition!

He has also finished gutting both bathrooms and everything has been carried out to the dumpster!  I have to say, I'm not going to miss that beautiful 70's harvest gold toilet and tub! =)

There were only a few existing cabinets left in the kitchen, but those have now been removed and the bulkhead has also been ripped out!  Thanks Babe... I'll be able to decorate above my cabinets now =)

Nathan did have to go buy a pump for the crawl space... all this rain and we have 2-3 inches of water sitting in our crawl space.  The HV/AC company had to bump us back until this next Monday because of the standing water, so hopefully the storms will hold off and we can get this all taken care of.  The previous homeowners did a number on the copper plumbing and electrical wiring, so we are getting that all figured out right now as well. 

Nathan said we should be able to start buying finishing materials soon =)  To my ears that means PROGRESS!  I wanted this particular front door that I've been swooning over ever since we've been looking for a house, but I'm going to have to wait on that.  I'm just going to go with a plain one for now.  At least I'll be able to hang a wreath or something on this one... where we live now the storm door and front door are too close together to hang any decoration... BORING!  Back to the front door - I'm requesting a pretty door knob at least =)

I have a little time off during the next few days and hope to be over at the house doing whatever I can in our effort to spruce up the place!

For more pictures on our House Project, please see my post labels at the bottom left of my blog. 

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Brenda said...

That's awesome! Getting even a little bit done makes you feel so good. When you're done with yours, why don't you come decorate for me? :-)