Monday, June 21, 2010

the act of demolishing

Yep, that's what we've been up to! =)

We closed on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning we tore into the place.  Nathan tore out the benches that use to separate the living room and dining room.  They were ug-ly and made the place look like a hunting cabin!

He was also able to tear out the bathtub and most of the "guts" in the main bathroom.  Now we are just waiting on a dumpster to get rid of the piles of trash.

He also tore out a lot of trim boards and the brick around the wood burner.  It will ALL be gone SOON.

So far I've simply been fetching tools and taking pics.  I'm not minding the demo work after all =)  However, I was instructed I should probably pick up a pair of work gloves on my way home today.  I think that means I'll be on the clean-up crew this evening!  That's ok though - it means we are making progress!


Jenny said...

Oh the fun of it all! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Boy you guys sure know how to tear up a place.HA HA, Just kidding, it sure will be nice when you get done. Love you, Grandma

Peggy B. said...

Will enjoy following your progress.

Aunt Cindy said...

Fetching? Where are you? LOL

Anonymous said...

Leah, keep taking the pics. This is going to be fun to follow. Do you have any pics of the outside of the house?

Leah said...

There are other pics of the house in the House Project area of my blog. If you look at my post labels (bottom, left hand side) you will be able to see just the House Project posts.