Monday, June 28, 2010

Progress: 26 June 2010

Most exciting news is that we got our kitchen cabinets ordered on Saturday.  This is a general idea of what they will look like... not the white walls though.  And no, these are not ours.  They will not come in for 4 weeks.

We've been watching the sale ads and picking up a few things here and there... sure helps to come in under budget =)

Nathan went to replace the front door on Saturday and it turned out the wood underneath was all rotted out.  One job that ended up being more work that we anticipated, but still minor.

Nathan got my dining room wall framed in and we have finalized our ideas for the master suite and the main bathroom.  We hope to frame in those areas this week and replace the floor boards in a few areas and were weak.

Phil did get the kitchen floor replaced on Saturday.  There were a few areas we were concerned about in there, with the floor and drywall, so we ended up pulling it all.

While I was on a food run, I pulled up to the stop sign on our road and these deer were just posing for me.  They hardly seemed startled by my vehicle!  And yes, I seriously live on a gravel road where I now have a dust covered vehicle... most of the time!

While we were on a material run Saturday evening, Nathan found a nice chair to relax in at Menards! No, we did not buy this for our new patio! =)


Peggy B. said...

Looks like you are making good progress.

Dana said...

wow I like it. You are really moving on it! Nathan you look like a sweet little kid in that chair, how deceiving! :)

custom seamstress said...

It all looks like fun. We built our house ourselves and it was great.

Kelli Brewer said...

The area you live in looks so nice! I can't wait to see how everything progresses!