Friday, September 11, 2009

Things that make me smile

I have a huge pet peeve of "stuff" sitting by the back door when we walk in each day.  I have tried and tried to think of a place/way for Nathan to organize his keys, wallet, receipts, shoes... and anything else that is possibly dropped at the door.
I moved this cart over by the door awhile back, but when we got home the other day I noticed it literally had stacks of papers and receipts.  The wallet, keys and coins had spread over to the bookshelf by the door.  Ahhhhh... I can't stand it!
I sorted through and re-organized everything.  Nathan now has a little silver tray to put his wallet and keys.  Inside one of the draws is space for coins and receipts.  I have a tray on the counter for mail and am hoping if I keep up with it daily it will not turn into a mound of paper again! :)
Oh, the things that make me smile...

After organizing, I changed my table arrangement and was so happy with how it turned out.  I love to walk in the back door and things be all picked up and pretty!  The candle on the table is a cheap Pear scent from Walmart... I love it.  I even picked up some room spray in the same scent :)

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Tamra said...

I always love seeing your new decor!