Monday, August 31, 2009

Anniversary Time

September 1
8 yrs and counting since I said "I do!"
Did I understand all that would entail? Probably not.
Am I thankful I made the decision? Definitely.
Nathan & I have literally grown up together.
I'm so thankful that we have grown together instead of apart!
I respect him for his wisdom and decision making in our marriage.
I've grown to appreciate our differences instead of allowing them to hinder us.
I'm amazed how crazy I am about this man
... and excited about our future

Happy Anniversary, Babe!


The Salisburys said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Hope you have a very nice weekend and many more wonderful years together full of many pitter patters of little feet:):)!!!

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ronda said...

Happy Anniversary...Glad that you two are so happy together! It's fun to see couples that "stay" in love! :)