Thursday, October 1, 2009


What style are you?  I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I've browsed several clothing blogs.  I love trying out different styles and changing things up a bit in my own wardrobe.  My style is simple.  I do not wear a lot of color - I feel more secure and professional in browns and blacks.  This is one thing I'm trying to work on - branch out, be bold!  I don't mean bold as in people doing double takes at your outfit 'cause it is crazy... remember bold for me is simply wearing more color and maybe getting creative with accessories. 

I want to start adding a little bit of clothing thoughts/ideas into my blog.  I don't even know how to use the self timer on my camera so taking daily pictures of my outfits might be out of the question (like some of these clothing blogs do).  If you know everyone is going to see what you are wearing (I'm told) you put more thought in getting dressed each day.  Granted, some days you wear comfort clothes no matter what :)  We'll see what I come up with... I'm pretty sure this won't be a daily update, but maybe more of a 'weekly fashion find'. 

Just thinking about clothing makes me want to clean out the closet and work on creating new outfits.  I get in ruts with wearing the same things together and not experimenting with different pieces.

Here are a few pics to hold you over... not of me, but ones I've found that I like the styles.  I even already have a few of these pieces.  (Tanessa) Don't worry, I do not plan to wear the lime green shoes! :)

Stay tuned (if you care) ha ha

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Rowana said...

Leah, you should do this!! It fits you. I actually love the way you dress.

Sometimes it is hard to get out of a rut especially when you're home all the time and nobody sees you except your kids.;) But I love coming up with new ideas, so I'll definitely stay "tuned in."