Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Celebratin'

My parents decided to be out-of-town again this year over my birthday, so they were thoughtful enough to come by on the way to Kansas (to see Seth, I might add) and take me out to breakfast. * I'm totally kidding about this, by the way. I just love giving them a hard time! * I got up bright and early for breakfast and heard them out in my garage when they pulled up. I looked out the door and saw them unloading my Mom's corner hutch. I just started crying. The girls in my family (Dana, Natalie, and myself) have been arguing over this hutch for years... ya know, who gets it when Mom dies. Just kind of in a joking way. When I saw them unloading it, I just kept saying "You can't give me your hutch!". I have really been wanting to get a china hutch and Nathan was going to get me one for my birthday - I was just so surprised! This hutch was my Great Grandma's and was very special to my Mom as well. That's also why it meant so much to me. I plan to eventually paint it, but I'm just enjoying it for now. I love it so much!
Thank you Dad & Mom for an enjoyable break fast and such a special present!

After breakfast, I met up with Jen for an afternoon of shopping. Hobby Lobby was the biggest hit where I found a new picture for my living room and several little accent pieces to give the room a new look. I don't go to Hobby Lobby often (mostly because of location) but now I know I shouldn't stop in there much - they have some great stuff!
Natalie, these little birds were inspired by you! I thought Nat's bird obsession was kind of unique even though I had seen birds in decorating a lot lately. That was until I saw these little black ones... I just had to have them. I found these pillars at home to sit them on and now I just smile when I look at my birds :) I also found this little plaque with one of my favorite scripture versus on it. It was definitely a successful trip.
That evening, Nathan took me to dinner and to see The Proposal. Nathan doesn't watch chick flicks... ever, but since it was my birthday and the movie was part comedy - he obliged. It was wonderful and I even had time to run into Target and get my ottoman (I've been wanting this FOREVER) after the movie. We now have two ottomans in our living room, but I just love the black leather one. You can store blankets inside... it's so cool :)

On to Saturday... yes folks, I'm still celebrating!
I went and got a manicure and pedicure. Am I seriously spoiled this year or what?! I even admit it, but it was wonderful and one of the best birthdays I've had in a very long time.
On Sunday, my mother-in-law had cake for me. Tanessa said it was like celebrating the birthday that never ends! :)
Something else that topped it off this year - BOTH of my brothers remembered to call and wish me a happy birthday :) They are the best!

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Ronda said...

Girl...You had an AWESOME birthday! So happy for ya...love your new decor! :)