Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

On the eve of my birthday, Phil, Jen, Jonathan, Ben, Tanessa and girls all met up with Nathan & I at O'Charleys for dinner. After a wonderful dinner, we all went back to Jen's house for a little party... a Princess party! Emma had just had a birthday on Monday of that week and wanted me to have a Princess party just like her :) Jen had them bring over the decorations since she knows I'm pretty much a kid about my birthday anyhow!

Nathan & I had just been talking the night before how we are going to actually start buying gifts for one another. We celebrate holidays together, but most of the time we just end up buying our own gift and saying it is for my birthday, Christmas, etc. I was mentioning to him how he probably wouldn't even know how to shop for me since he hasn't really had to for so many years. Something came up about the style of clothes I like and I mentioned that I'm really into ruffles lately... ruffles on clothes! This is the first item I pulled out of the bag from him :) He did pick me out a couple of shirts all on his own and I really liked them! He's a keeper!

Thanks girls for my party - it was fun for me!

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Tamra said...

Happy Birthday, Leah! I liked the birthday photos - especially the one with the Ruffles. Nathan is too funny!