Friday, August 21, 2009

Kings Island

Last weekend we took a couple of days and headed to Cincinnati. We got up early Friday morning and headed off to Kings Island for the day. It was super hot and we were all drained of energy by about 6:00 pm.
Tanessa insisted we have La Rosa's for supper, so stopped on the way back to the hotel and had dinner. We got a great deal on hotel rooms through Priceline, so were on our way back to the hotel to crash when... we saw Gabriel Bros! I just love that store! After much begging, the guys dropped us off at the door for a quick shopping trip. We each found some bargains and things we just couldn't live without, so it was a successful trip :)
After a delicious breakfast (seriously) at the hotel Saturday morning, we set out for fun shopping on the way back to Indy. The guys insisted they get to go to Bass Pro Shops, so since it was attached to a mall, we allowed it. That mall is so cool inside, but practically empty of stores. So sad. I don't know if the location is just bad or what the problem is. Of course, we had to go to Gap Clearance store before heading home... simply a tradition!
It was a wonderful weekend... enjoyed by all :) I've heard Cincy has a new Outlet mall, we'll definitely have to hit that up soon!

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Sharra said...

Oh what fun! I haven't been to Kings Island in years. Dan and I are planning a trip next year.