Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving On Up...To A Big Boy Room!

We've been thinking about how to arrange things in our house with the new baby coming.  Right after Chase broke his arm he started going through a spell of getting up several times a night so it seemed like maybe a good time to make the transition.  I mean, he wasn't sleeping well anyhow! 
 We not only changed up the decor to resemble a big boy room, we moved him to a completely different room!  And so far, he's loving it!  He's been in there over 2 weeks now!

We were able to use items from other places in our house, so this "new" room was even cheap to create for him.  Win-win for Daddy & Mommy! ;)

  • Bed: I decided it was silly to buy a toddler bed and then a twin/full once he was bigger.  We already had a queen size bed available, so that's his new bed!  He loves sleeping in our bed anyhow, so he just has his own big bed now!
  • Dresser: This was an old Goodwill find that we had been using in Nathan's closet.  Because of some rearranging in our room as well, we didn't need it in there.  Nathan painted it gray for me and replaced the knobs and I just love how it turned out!
  • Bookshelf: This was in our living room when we first got married.  It wasn't being used, so we painted it gray as well to match Chase's new room.
  • Armoire: I got this for my 16th birthday.  It is such a sturdy piece that we've never gotten rid of it even though it didn't match or we didn't have a need for it through the years.  Turns out, (for now) we are using the closet space in this bedroom for some storage, so the armoire is functioning as Chase's closet.
  • Decor: I just repurposed most of the items, but I did purchase the wooden "C" from a facebook seller in our area.  I made the large bicycle canvas (iron-on decal) and then just brought the other stuff in from his nursery.  There is truly no rhyme or reason to the decorations, but it is all neutral pieces and exactly the look I was going for.