Monday, November 3, 2014

Zoo Boo

This past week, I took advantage of our last warm day on the radar and took Chase to the Zoo.  My Mom had my brother's kids so we met there for the day and just had the best time!
 I don't mean to be all "my life is roses" but it was just one of those days where I was just feeling so thankful for everything/everyone in my life!  I took a day OFF WORK and hardly even glanced at my phone (emails) while we were out and about! 

Chase would look at the animals and say "Stay!" just like he was talking to our dog at home.  It was cute!  By the time we got to the dolphin show, it was 2:30 in the afternoon and Chase hadn't had a nap all day.  He was dancing & singing with the music and the next thing I knew he was sound asleep.  Dead weight in my overloaded arms and we were at the top of the bleachers...perfect timing, kid! :)

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