Monday, November 24, 2014

A Review of November

This month has been a blur with Nathan out-of-town doing quite a bit of deer hunting.  He enjoys his time out in the woods and it gives me the opportunity for a little one-on-one time with Chase.

November 2:  Chase attended his Sunday School class for the very first time!  It helped that Mama was his teacher and he enjoyed eating snacks, singing songs and making a craft.

I (sometimes) enjoy watching Chase do things he mimics from other people.  His Mama is always busy cleaning or taking care of things and he picks up on her hard work!

I gave Chase his 2nd haircut.  The 1st one was so traumatic on him (and I) that I decided to try to do it at home.  It isn't the best haircut, but I'm not embarrassed of it either,'ll do for now.
November 7: Nathan & I went Christmas shopping (with Chase along).  We wanted to get him a little recliner so we had him sit in one to try it out.  The look on his face told us we just had to get it!  He didn't even want to get out of it at the store.  So Nathan decided he could just go ahead and have it before Christmas.  I'll never get my shopping done with these two along... :)
The last weekend Nathan was gone our weather decided to get nasty.  It snowed big fluffy flakes that covered the ground quickly!  This was Chase's first time to really be out in the snow - he wasn't so sure what to think of it.  THAT he gets from his Momma!  I'm not so much loving the cold & snow either. 
We have some family time planned for Thanksgiving week and I am so looking forward to it.  A little time for relaxing, naps, cooking, shopping...and just whatever else we can find to get ourselves into :)

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