Wednesday, October 8, 2014 update on my baby boy

The update is that I no longer have a baby boy.
He grew up and it all happened before I realized it and before I could stop it! 
What's a Momma to do?
> Chase says or tries to say everything he hears now! It's hilarious and scary all at the same time. 
> he says "no" to everything right now. 
Chase, do you love Momma?  No.
Chase, are you Momma's boy? No.
Chase, we're you a good boy today? No.
We'll at least the last one is true - lol
> he is starting to play by himself better
> he Ioves music. I think there is a song playing in his head all the time. He dances to music and sings a lot!
He really likes Deep and Wide, Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me, You Are My Sunshine, The Wheels on the Bus and This Little Light of Mine.
> chase loves pizza
> At nap and bed time, he is starting to want to be laid down with his bottle so he can put himself to sleep
> Chase is very loving. He gives big hugs where he squeezes your neck hard and loves to get kisses...even Eskimo kisses. He thinks those are especially funny!
> Chase was introduced to the song What Does The Fox Say? (Thanks Daddy!) and is obsessed with it now. Whenever our phones or tablets are out, he comes up and says "pop, pop, pop, pop, pop". I can only handle hearing that song so much before I get angry (with myself for having it memorized!).
> he wants bottles still... and I kind of feel like it's the only thing still "baby" about this stage... And I'm a pushover so I allow it.
> Chase likes playing peek-a-boo.  He will say Chaser! and then cover his head with a blanket so we will "find" him!
> his giggles and cuddles are the best part of each day! 
> he still shy with people he doesn't knownd gets very upset if they try to hold him or even get too close to him
> going to the doctor is loads of fun at this stage. Well, really when the nurse tries to touch him or gives him shots. He does ok with the doctor.
> he is a guy's guy! Maybe cause he is best buds with his Daddy but Chase is definitely more comfortable with guys. 
> Chase loves to go through the kitchen cabinets and play with whatever he can grab before he has to run from Momma :) 
> This month we started the time out chair.  I've kind of mocked the idea in the past, with the thought of, just spank your kid already! But apparently (and yes I knew this) certain kinds of discipline are effective for some children AND at certain ages.  Our child happens to be very stubborn. I love that he's strong willed because I feel like he will be a leader throughout life if I can just direct all of that stubbornness and instill discipline while he is young. But what do I know? He is only 16 months old and this is my first child, so really, it's all trial and error at this stage!
> I love our little family time. Chase gets to relax in Momma and Daddy's bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings and it is so cute to see how he just eats it up!
> Chase has started wanting  a kiss on his owie to make it all better.  I've always thought this was the cutest thing with other children and now that it is MY kisses for MY baby, it is just as special to make everything in his world ok with just a kiss! 

>>> I love being a Mommy even more with every day. Even the hard days or fussy times, he's all mine and he and I know what he needs to relax at night or when he needs cuddled during the day.  We know that wrestling with Daddy each evening always makes Chase happy. Going outside for some fresh air or to watch puppy dog are little things Chase always enjoys! It's crazy to me how hectic our evenings are - getting ready for Chase to go to Grandma's house the next day and me getting my stuff ready for work the next day... yet it is OUR chaos and it is all of those little responsibilities that remind me that I'm needed by my family & what I'm doing IS important!

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