Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dallas Style

Last week had me on a 3 day trip to Dallas, TX for work.  I was able to meet some of my clients and attend one of their conferences.

I had to get up at 2:30 AM in order to get to the airport by 4:00 AM.  Did I mention I am NOT a morning person?  I considered just staying up all night rather than getting a few hours of sleep, but I didn't last.  It also helped that adrenaline kept me going throughout the day since we had session after session, social hour and a 3 hour dinner to make it through.  I crashed hard that first night in Dallas.
 How nice it was to realize I ended up with a huge balcony that overlooked the pool.  The weather was refreshingly warm in Dallas and I enjoyed the sunshine and warmth through the balcony door. 

 A lot of the conferences I get to attend end up feeling very "trade show-ish" but this was refreshingly different.  It was a very engaging time with the client and a very enjoyable trip.  

By the time I got home Friday evening, I couldn't wait to hug my guys. I'm blessed with a rewarding job, but I'm always so thankful to get back home to my family.

P.S.  Hotel Zaza in Dallas is GORG.  It has southern charm with spacious rooms.  If you like to people watch, sit down by the valet and watch the constant stream of incredible cars and even some celebs that come through :)

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