Thursday, August 21, 2014

Work Update & a little Promo

I may have mentioned before that my employer is -hands down - the BEST! Now if someone wanted to pay me to cuddle my baby/lounge with my hubby/sleep/watch TV/shop they might win the award for best employer, but since I haven't come across that place of business yet, I'm thankful for the next best thing! 

I work with a group of people that are like family to me - even in your family there are some you like a little more than others, right? Haha!! This past winter my boss sent the ladies that I work with to dinner and then to see Wicked. We had our company picnic this summer and went to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game together.  The cherry on the sundae is that he just sent the ladies to brunch and an afternoon at the Spa! He tries to do special things like this in recognition of projects we've completed and let me tell you, it is SO appreciated!
I started with the company back in 2008 and have been able to work in several roles and grow with their business... which is more of a blessing than I ever could have anticipated!!  On the side of the business I work now, I have worked as an Account Representative, Account Manager and now Director of Client Services.  

Getting out of the the day-to-day client work and working with internal processes, program development and marketing has been such an exciting change.

I worked for a large family owned company and then a large corporate company previously so I know how blessed I am now.  I am so thankful to come to work and not have knots in my stomach because I hate my job so much and my working environment is miserable {I've been there before too!}.

My boss also confirmed at my annual review that my Fridays working online from home were still ok - that is basically what makes me able to function the rest of the week knowing I'll have that long weekend at home and with my baby! 

So there is some exciting news and a praise all wrapped into one!!!!


Jessica said...

congrats on the promotion Leah!! That is so exciting! It sounds like you have a really amazing boss. A little appreciation from your boss can go a longggg way. And how nice that you can work from home too. :)

Peggy B. said...