Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guilty Pleasure

I had a meeting for work yesterday and they made us go around the room and introduce ourselves.  Along with our name and title, we were to tell everyone our guilty pleasure.  I'm a very simple person and so sometimes those {tell something interesting about yourself} things just intimidate me.  I had a few people ahead of me so I thought for a minute and realized that blogs {particularly fashion blogs} are my guilty pleasure.  My own blog here has turned into more of a lifestyle blog, but I love fashion and funny enough, not really high end fashion, but day-to-day looks.  I love seeing how people style ordinary pieces and I love the inspiration it gives me in my own wardrobe.

After thinking about this for a while, I realized how neat it is that everyone has "their thing".  That hobby or guilty pleasure that is their outlet.  I like for my blog to be a journal of sorts and I want it to be a true reflection of me!

What is your guilty pleasure???


Anonymous said...

Well said! I feel the same way.

Katie G said...

This is a perfect way to look at it! My husband is always like, "Blogging again?" but then again, he's always reading about the most recent nerd game, so we're even!

Katie @ Style On Target