Monday, June 9, 2014

Chase is Twelve Months!

I am the parent of a toddler.

Chase weighs 20 pds and 13 oz (20%) and is 30 1/2 inches tall (75%).

We are at SUCH a fun age with Chase.  He is learning more each day and bringing so much joy into our home.  But oh is he an ornery thing!

Chase jabbers all of the time.  When he wants to, he will say ball, Dadda, Momma (pronounced me-me), dog, boo, Amen, and num-num (food/drink).

He loves to take a bath and will play in there until the water is cold (if we would let him).  Sometimes I will let the water out and he will still sit there and play after it drains.  He likes to taste the bubbles in the water and sometimes tries to put his face in.  He doesn't mind getting water in his eyes and he loves putting his hands in the flow of water as we fill the tub.

He does not like getting his diaper changed or clothes put on.  I think because it requires he lay still :)

Chase loves {loves loves} being outside!  He doesn't like the grass so much, but he's adjusting and enjoys getting dirty when he's playing out there.

Almost as soon as we get in the car now, Chase starts fussing for his bottle/cup.  After he's had all he wants, he likes to turn it upside down and play with it.  Because I'd rather avoid the mess, I always tell him to put it in his mouth or give the cup to Momma.  He wrinkles up his nose and makes a fussy sound EVERY time.  It's so funny to me!

If he is getting into something around the house that he KNOWS he is not supposed to, he tries to hand it to us when we come get him.  Like, here Mom, please take this thing from me that is about to get me in trouble!  Oh that boy! :)

Chase prefers finger foods and wants nothing to do with baby foods.  Normally we just feed him whatever we are eating.  He hasn't turned his nose up at anything!  He loves bananas, grapes, hot dogs, and green beans so far.  Although, I really think he'd eat about anything!

He almost prefers to just be laid down with his bottle at night over having Momma rock him to sleep anymore.  I like that he's independent, but I miss him needing me all at the same time!  He normally takes two naps during the day and then goes to bed around 7:30/8:00 and sleeps around 12 hours at night.

The day after his birthday, he started taking more and more steps.  Now he is to the point where he will walk all the way into another room of the house --- if he wants to.  He gets so proud of himself when he does.  When we clap for him now, he will clap too.

Chase has entered the clingy stage a bit more.  He cries sometimes when we leave him for work, but can normally be quickly consoled.  He loves his Grandparents SO MUCH and we love that they are able to watch him and have such a close relationship with him!

Chase - being your Momma has brought more fulfillment than I could imagine.  I'm sitting here thinking about some of those first few months where you would scream/cry for hours and I would just sit on the bed and cry with you because I didn't know what to do.  I remember the days I would be so overwhelmed because you would cry {like someone was hurting you} when I laid you in your bassinet so I could shower.  Or even now how it is hard to get much done around the house when you are hanging on my pant leg or whining for me to pick you up.  Wrestling with you each church service is exhausting, but you know what, I'll deal with it and I wouldn't take back one fighting sleep episode or sleepless night.  How all of this can make someone feel inadequate and fulfilled all at the same time, I will never know.  We are so in love with you, Chase Alan, and thank God every day for the adorable little blue eyed boy he gave to us!

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Jessica said...

I can't believe he's already a year old. It goes by so fast!!!