Monday, May 12, 2014

My First Mother's Day

I guess technically it is my 2nd Mother's Day but the first one that my baby is in my arms :)  My Mother's Day was special and spent with my Momma and Grandma at my house for lunch.  Nathan helped me with the meal and helped Chase love on me throughout the day!  

I had requested some landscaping in front of our house (work in progress) for Mother's Day and Nathan decided to tackle the whole thing!  He's an overachiever, that one! :) 
 Motherhood is one of those things I just don't know how to describe.  I felt like for years and years that it simply would not be something I would ever experience.  I'm so glad God saw differently!  

Being a Mommy has completely changed my life.  It has taken away the "me" time I was so use to having and replaced it with cuddles and giggles from a sweet little boy that I cannot get enough of!  I feel frazzled and inadequate most of the time, yet fulfilled.  How are all of these emotions at the same time even possible?

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