Monday, May 5, 2014

Chase is 11 Months!

Chase is now 11 months old and my mind is in full gear thinking of how we are going to celebrate his 1st birthday!  This stage is so fun...we just can't get enough of Chase and watching him grown and learn.
** you have a contagious laugh and that we love to hear
** you have really started to chew on your crib and now it has big teeth marks
** you adore your Dadda and want to be with him whenever you can
** you are starting to fake cry/whine when you are tired or do not get your way
** you jabber a lot and make funny facial expressions when you "talk" to us
** you are usually ready for bed by 7:30 each evening
** Momma still gives you a bottle and rocks you to sleep each's our time
** you usually wake up by 7:30 each morning
** you usually still take 2 naps each day
** you love to eat
** you love green beans especially and would eat them for every meal
** you are such a busy boy and are constantly moving or getting into things
** Momma's kitchen cabinets have been fun to explore
** you love to be is the quickest way to get a smile on our face
** you love your doggy
** you have started telling doggy "no! no!" because you hear us say it so much to him
** you love taking a bath and splashing the water everywhere

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