Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chase Is 7 Months Old!

I got behind and didn't post Chase's 6 month progress...
We had to postpone his 6 month doctor's appointment because of the weather so I'm excited to get his measurements when we go in on January 9th.

Chase has become more vocal and mobile!  He is now in 6-9 months clothes.  
He loves eating his baby food and fruit puffs!  He's tried minimal food off our plates, but hasn't turned his nose up at anything he's tried yet!
Chase is now 7 months!
With this month I have been surprised at all of the changes we have seen in Chase.  He is developing such a personality!  

Chase decided to sit up on his own one night when we had dropped him off at Grandma's house.  I wasn't 15 minutes down the road when I got the message he had done that!  Chase also got his first tooth this month.

He did experience his first cold.  The cough got bad enough we had to take him to the doctor.  Poor baby was wheezing so we were able to get him on some cough medicine.  He wasn't cranky necessarily but bless his heart, he wasn't sleeping well!

Chase really became more mobile this month as well...between rolling, scooting and using his walker to get around, he has no problem getting wherever he wants to go!  He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks a little, but hasn't yet figured out the motion he needs to do to actually crawl.  

He's learning what the word "no" means already.  Between getting in the Christmas tree and the trash can, we are learning just how stubborn he is already!  Oh boy!

Chase loves to have us "walk" him.  He has gotten so use to walking in his walker so he wants us to hold his hands and walk him around the house that way as well.  He gets so excited to be on the move!

Chase has already outgrown some of his 6-9 months sleepers.

He is learning to rest in his car seat so much better...even sleeps while we're in the car quite a bit now!  Chase is still on a pretty good schedule.  He's up for 1-2 hours in the morning and then goes down for his morning nap.  He'll usually sleep an hour at that time.  His afternoon nap is sometimes up to 2 hours.  He will sometimes take an evening nap, but it isn't as consistent.  His bedtime is between 9-9:30.  He has been sleeping all of the way through the night this past week.  We'll see if that lasts, but even if it doesn't, his usual was getting up 1-2 times a night.

He has gotten more vocal and makes all kinds of new sounds with his mouth.  He is blowing bubbles, smacking his lips and giving big slobbery kisses quite often!  He is becoming quite the Daddy's boy and I'm loving watching their relationship develop even more!  

Chase is still a very good eater.  He is taking fewer bottles and enjoying more and more food from the table and trying new kinds of baby food.