Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chase - 8 Months

You have such a sweet personality and good nature about you.  We love getting to know YOU better with each passing month.  I cannot believe you are 8 months old already...before I know it, we'll be preparing for your 1 year birthday party! :)

You stayed up and rang in the new year with Momma & Dadda.  As long as you are entertained, you seem to do pretty well even with your schedule interrupted.  Wow, what a difference this year will be for us!
> You now have two teeth.
> You started crawling.  The first of the month brought 2-3 movements and now you are all over the place!
> As soon as you started crawling you realized that being mobile was tons of fun and have wanted to stand or walk ever since!
> You walk along the couch, climb on everything you can and are getting brave working on your balancing techniques.
> You are going through a bit of a clingy stage.  I love the extra cuddles and time with you, but it is so sad to hear you cry whenever we leave the room and you realize you're by yourself.
> You have the cutest little ornery smile where you wrinkle up your nose and show your teeth.  It makes me laugh every day!
> You are making more noises with your mouth and have your tongue moving around a lot!
> You have started doing this shy thing where you put your head down and look up with only your eyes...sometimes with strangers but even with us.  I can't tell if it is a shy thing or if you are acting embarrassed :)
> When we went to the doctor at the beginning of the month, you were 19.3 pounds (55%) and 28 inches long (75%).
> Your sleeping pattern still isn't consistent.  For the most part you only get up once during the night and then take 2-3 naps during the day.
> You are really becoming a Daddy's boy during the day.  You always want to see what Dadda's doing and love when he plays with you.
> You love your puppy and always try to get your walker over to the garage door to see him.  Because your walker is noisy and your movements are quick, Hunter is kind of scared of you right now.  He has let you pet him several times and you always seem to enjoy watching him!  I bet this summer is going to be so fun with the two of you!
> We have put away most of your 6-9 months clothes and started you in 9-12 months.  I can't believe baby boy is getting so big!

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