Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Home for Christmas

 Decorating for Christmas was different for us this year.  As excited as I am to celebrate with our little guy, time and logic tell me being a minimalist is the best way for us to go with decorations!

Chase & Hunter got new stockings that adorn our mantle :)  I also purchased a smaller tree that was so much easier to, win!  

I have a few other Christmas touches throughout the house, but just spending time with my little family during this season feels perfect.  No extra "fluff" for us :)

After saying all of that, I am wanting to start traditions...
whether it is a gift theme from year to year or something to do as a family each year as we celebrate Christmas.  Know of any ideas you want to share with me???
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mantle decor > reindeer, walmart / snowman, gift


Jennifer Grissom said...

Good grief! How is he that big already?

I'm still trying to figure out our traditions. Each year brings something different and sometimes not everything works out.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

My dad spends some bucks and gives each of us "kids" (though we're all adults now) an envelope full of lottery scratchers. It's kind of a fun way to spend time between Xmas dinner and dessert and we've shared loads of laughs (and some of us have even won a few bucks)!