Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crazy Lady

Wow...December is flying by!  I need time to stand still for just a bit.
I made out a spreadsheet of all of my Christmas shopping - color coded what I had purchased & wrapped vs what needs to be picked up yet.  I need to focus over the next few days to get everything done by Saturday - my deadline!
In the middle of all of the holiday craziness, this precious baby decided to get sick on us!  He's been sick for over a week now!  We've had him at the doctor because his cough sounds just pitiful :(

If I can just make it 'til Monday, I'll have 12/24-1/2 AT HOME!  It's a Christmas miracle :)  It will be so nice to focus on my family during the week of Christmas and not have to worry about my job.

So, I'll be the frazzled, crazy lady over the next few days.  Hopefully after my shopping gets done, I'll have some exciting updates for you!

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