Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Having a talented husband...

Nathan was helping me clean out our bedroom a week or so back and I decided I did not want this telephone stand in there any longer.  I had purchased it back in '03 (maybe) for a small TV I had in the corner of our bedroom and was just using it for storage now.

I'm all about painting pieces and reusing them and Nathan sometimes thinks I'm just silly, but this time, he jumped at the chance to redo this piece for me.  I think he just needed some fresh air and time away from a crying baby that afternoon  :)

Funny thing is, this item is still for sale on target.com (even after ALL of these years!)
He was able to cut the middle section out and then put the top back on.  He went ahead and sanded it down and painted it gray for me.  I love it...and him for doing little things like this to make me happy! 
 I love my "new" stand in the living room!


Jessica said...

love this! love the color! What a great way to update an older piece of furniture that wasn't getting any love. :)

Jennifer Grissom said...

Looks great!