Friday, November 1, 2013

Chase is 5 Months!

5 Months Old
I feel like you are changing so much right now!  Your sleep habits are all out of whack and Daddy& Mommy are constantly feeling tired!  You went from sleeping 6-8 hours at night to fighting sleep and getting up multiple times during the night now.  You are growing and learning new skills so I think it is just all effecting your sleep pattern.

You have started drinking apple juice this month and started eating baby food, along with your cereal.  You are a pro already and enjoy every bite!  You have learned to blow bubbles and like to work on perfecting this skill while you are eating!  (yuck!)  You are going through phases where you don't much care to nurse anymore.  While I have enjoyed my bonding time during your feedings, I also enjoy seeing you do so well with the new things we have introduced to you.  You are wearing 3-6 months clothes now and filling them out quite well.  I've also moved you up to size 3 diapers.  We just seem to avoid more leaks this way! :)

You love when Daddy tickles you and just giggle when he nuzzles your neck.  You are still Mommy's boy of an evening and are starting to want rocked when it is bedtime.  Mamaw says she can just lay you down for your naps during the day and you normally go to sleep quickly for her.  You have also developed a love for your swing.  Up until now you didn't care for it, but it has become your favorite place to nap.

You are loving your activity mat and will lay there and play for a good 30 minutes in the mornings.  You also love watching the colors and movement on the TV when you are chilling with Daddy of an evening.

You are very vocal!  Sometimes you have such a sweet, little voice and other times you scream out of happiness and/or frustration.  It is such a shrill scream that Daddy & Mommy are trying to help you learn it hurts our ears when you do that and isn't very nice to those around us! :)

You are starting to put your arms out and reach for people to pick you up.  The first time I noticed it was for Daddy to get you out of your exersaucer.  It was just precious...and Daddy sure enjoys knowing you want him to hold you!  You have also really started giving kisses this past month.  They are big, juicy ones and you will just smile and look up after you love on us!

You still love being outside!  You are a people watcher like your Mommy and take everything in when we are out and about.  Your eyes still seem so big, as you do not want to miss a single thing!

You still take 3 good naps a day.  If we are busy and you get out of your schedule, you sometimes have a rough evening or we have to readjust again the next just get worn out (over stimulated ??) easily.

We have stopped using your baby bath tub and just lay you directly on your back in the water now.  You love it!  You splash and just talk or scream to us until you get cold.

You are really teething now.  The gnawing has been going on since you were 2 months, but along with the drool now, you are in full teething motion and miserable to go along with it.  I can feel teeth but nothing has actually popped through the gums yet.

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NatalieJo said...

Aww...I love hearing all about these developments! I remember going through these and each little thing is so meaningful! I think you will be happy later that you have all this documented too! Love ya!