Tuesday, August 20, 2013

There's More Than Corn In Indiana

However, I wasn't so sure about this when we were doing corn on Saturday!  We got 32 quarts and this was just half of Nathan's first planting.
 We pulled in some help and had everything done & cleaned up by 5:00 that evening.  It was a successful day if I do say so myself! 
This is the first year we've had green beans in our garden.  I LOVE GREEN BEANS!  Our Sunday dinner consisted of some garden goodies and I was thrilled.  I haven't done work in the garden this year...I just help cleaning & eating :)  It's fulfilling to Nathan to grow fresh produce for our family and I enjoy seeing how much pride he takes in his work! 

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Kelly said...

Yummy! That's awesome that you got so much corn!