Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our 12th Anniversary

We are off to celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend.  Twelve years with this guy!  Are we even old enough for 12 years of marriage already?  Surely not?! :)

I feel like we are just getting started...we have so much to look forward to in our future.  God has blessed us abundantly and specifically given me a partner that completes my life.

Our journey over the past year has been full of new experiences and I love that I get to face each one with Nate!  He makes me laugh, yet teases me until I cry! He's comforting when I'm low and supportive when I need it.  He encourages me in ways that I always want to be better at whatever I'm doing and let's me know he's proud of me when I'm able to accomplish something big in my life.  I've privileged to be married to someone that makes me feel safe and comfortable in our little life.  He's strong willed and sure of himself and gives me the space in our relationship to be the same way.

I love you Nate!  Happy Anniversary!



Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Anniversary. May you have many more. Work your love into everything so that nothing can divide you. Prayers always coming for our family.
Mom Herring